Couples Counseling

Entering couples therapy does not mean your relationship is failing. It usually means there is hope that things can change and you and your partner are willing to try something different. This is a good thing! I can help identify old patterns and templates, that are getting in the way of having the relationship you want. Unresolved past conflicts and issues often lead to current stress and mistrust in relationships. Common ineffective coping strategies that couples utilize when feeling stressed and hurt are: withdrawing, sarcasm, lashing out, blame, and criticism. Even though you and your partner may have engaged in those behaviors, it is never to late to learn new strategies and repair old scars.

Parenting can also bring some unique stressors to a relationship. Being a parent can be an absolute joy but the work of parenting can be grinding, isolating and challenging. Couples are often unprepared for the realities and demands of parenting and can feel burned out and disconnected from each other. It is easy for parents to deplete and neglect themselves because there are so many changing needs to tend to in a family. It is crucial that children see their parents valuing themselves and each other by making self-care and the relationship a priority. I will teach you healthy habits that you can incorporate right now. A happy relationship is the best gift you can give your children.

As an experienced couple’s therapist, I am comfortable with conflict and feel it can be an important opportunity for growth. I will help you learn ways to have more productive and compassionate conversations about tough topics. I am passionate about teaching my clients new skills and helping them feel more secure, grounded and joyful in their relationships. I am direct and down-to-earth in my approach and use humor generously. I have expertise with couples and relationships that span the heterosexual/LGBTQIA spectrum and work from a perspective that is sex positive, open and respectful.

What do I do as a couple’s therapist?

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is respectfully requested if you cannot make your appointment, otherwise you will be charged the full fee. Exceptions to this policy will be discussed with you at your initial appointment.


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